WHAT KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHY DO YOU DO? Kris Julius Photography is a commercial photography studio. This means we do almost any kind of photographs needed by a business - usually products, people, or facilities to be used in a catalog, ad, website, or magazine.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Our rates are based on the time it takes to complete a job. Every job has its own parameters, so once we have a description of what is needed, we can determine the most efficient way to proceed and the amount of time it will take.

DO YOU PROVIDE ESTIMATES? Once we have the information, we can normally email an estimate within 24 hours. We break out all costs for shooting and retouching, and no charges are hidden.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO GET IN TOUCH? Complete the contact form or call 219.669.3625

HOW FAR AHEAD SHOULD I BOOK A JOB? Two to three weeks is normally adequate to get the dates you want. Obviously the earlier the better, but sometimes very short notice is possible. We are happy to hold a date for a couple of days while you are confirming other schedules and arrangements.

DO YOU SHOOT RAW OR JPEG? We shoot or capture images in RAW format but can deliver final images in virtually any format.

HOW DO I RECEIVE THE IMAGES? We prefer to send high-resolution files via electronic file transfer services but can also produce DVDs and mail.

HOW BIG ARE THE FILES? Our full-size uncropped RGB tiff files are about 80 MB. We're happy to scale them down and/or convert to JPEGs if that's what you need.

DO YOU ARCHIVE THE FILES? For liability reasons, we don't guarantee to have your job archived, but the truth is, we archive every job. With only a few exceptions we can retrieve every shot we've delivered since 2003.

DO YOU TRAVEL? Absolutely. Our work is evenly divided between studio and location.